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Bali Island is one of the very evocative and amazing holiday islands of the complete Indonesian archipelago. A visit here sparks the senses. Just as soon as you appear, the intoxicating toilet water of irritate and clove olive oil hangs in the heavy tropical air. Peanuts soar at roadside stalls, petal-strewn offerings smolder on active sidewalks, and conventional gamelan music jangles adjoining the buzz of mopeds.

Irrespective of the clamor and turmoil of the key tourist areas, the island is abundant in natural beauty, bearing in mind attractions for each and every kind of traveler. Surfers arrive for the legendary swells, backpackers can trek happening jungly volcanic peaks also to misty waterfalls, and cyclists can bike through lush scenery bristling taking into account rice balconies and expected villages.

one day in april at incheon international airport i’m really going! going to bali! i’m going to bali! going to bali! going to bali! going to bali!

when in bali
when in bali, going to bali!going to bali!going to bali! a famous brunch cafe in canggu recommended by australians brunch menu is around $5. coffee menu is about $3 this is a hot place that many tourist and surfers visit

minho! we prepared a gift for you because it’s our first project feat. well-prepared content a gift? what is it? smiling with excitement can’t tell you the gift will be revealed tomorrow! i’m going to buy a helmet. it’s not a helmet, right?

i’m going to buy a surfboard. it’s not a board, right? until now, until now, minho thought he was on this trip alone min+dokebi (korean goblin)= minkebi, came lonely and secretly hi everyone, i’m joon ki min right now is a prelude to the long journey because! (new york-bali) 25 hours! (bali-new york) round trip 50 hours..!!

but for me, to do all all the work i’m assigned to do as a saint i came to this road with a light and happy heart! (feat. well-prepared content) minho can’t know until i arrive not a clue!!! mmm~ it’s delicious! hopefully you’ll like the gift! batu bolong beach located south of bali a lot of longboard surfers come to this surfing spot because of the low tides!

local board rental and surf lesson shop first surfing of summer 2017! how do you surf again…? today, minho goes out to find his surfing skills after two hours heavy breathing ah...i’m gonna go crazy stumble, stumble must have surfed really hard for the first time in awhile

did you have a fun time surfing? nod nod i remembered more than i thought but it’s really tiring… dues is a brand that started in australia! this is a hot place with a variety of activities like biking, surfing and has a cafe and barbershop bike custom specialty! cafe deus is connected to canggu’s deus shop from fresh fruit juices to seafood dishes, there’s various things to enjoy from their diverse menu!

minho strongly recommends the watermelon juice! recharging the energy lost from surfing! eyes glistening! yum yum this is really salty but tasty since it’s salty and tasty, one more bite there’s 12 more hours to bali to be continued in the next episode it’s so fun haha

are they coming??? pd: no…

Bali island wealthy arts picture is nevertheless different top draw, and if rest is your top concern, the shopping in Bali and spa treatments are impressive - and affordable. Spirituality adds nevertheless out of the ordinary addition to Bali's draw, and seeing the impressive temples and sacred Indio ceremonies are summit things to do. back the famous lp and film Eat, Pray, love spotlighted Bali, the tourist crowd have undeniably swelled, but you can yet experience dated Bali if you stray off the outdone track.

Known as the Island of the Gods, Bali's culture is focused by a special form of Hinduism that's obvious in all aspect of Balinese life, from the temples that co-conspirator all corner of the island to the daily programs found in every home. Whether exploring the distinctive culture of the Balinese people, scuba diving in coral reefs, climbing an ancient volcano or sunbathing upon a spacious stretch out of beach, Bali has a lttle bit of paradise to present all visitor.
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