Bali I: Overview As Well As Accomodation

Why create you lot maintain going dorsum to Bali they ask?  Like a Balinese local said to me this trip - Bali is your 2nd home. The setting is gorgeous, the people are welcoming together with kind, the nutrient together with nightlife is fantastic together with the cost is right.

If you lot are looking for data on things to do/ dining together with nightlife - click hither together with leave of absence direct to post II

This post covers a brief overview of Bali together with accommodation suggestions. Post II covers things to do, dining together with nightlife.

Check out my custom google map hither where I have got marked points of interest, accommodation, restaurants, bars etc.


South Bali together with Kuta are the primary tourist areas of Bali. Kuta is a suburb together with includes Kuta (town), Legian together with Seminyak.  The upper-case missive of the alphabet of Bali is Denpasar (not a tourist area).

First hint- Jalan agency street. Gang agency alleyway/lane. Seminyak blends into Legian every bit you lot move south, together with thus into Kuta below that. Above Seminyak is Canggu along the coast, together with inland from Seminyak is Kerobokan.  Ubud is around 1-2 hours due north of Seminyak (depending on traffic) whilst Nusa Dua is on the eastward coast of Bali.   Jimbaran is farther S below Kuta, together with fifty-fifty farther S is Uluwatu.

Getting there

Denpasar is the primary international airport. The international terminal is novel together with slow to navigate.
Most hotels or villas volition adjust a transfer for you lot from the aerodrome included inward your rate. When you lot come upwards out of customs in that location volition live hundreds of people belongings signs amongst names on them thus maintain your eyes peeled! If a transfer non included, simply acquire a taxi to your accommodation. Pick a bluebird taxi (offical taxi) together with they volition role the meter (see tips at the terminate for to a greater extent than details). Also live careful every bit in that location are people inward official looking uniforms who volition sweat to catch together with carry your bags together with thus accuse you lot afterwards. Just collect your handbag together with politely decline if they offering to carry your bag.

On arrival into Bali foreigners are expected to pay a $35 USD tourist visa on arrival together with a divergence taxation of 200,000 IDR. We ever have got the visa $ ready inward USD, you lot tin pay inward Australian dollars likewise (around $53 together with alone accepts notes, no cards). For farther information banking concern tally out the smart traveller website.

 Where to remain inward Bali
This all depends on what you lot similar to create the experiences you lot desire to have. I must acknowledge that nosotros unremarkably come upwards to Bali amongst a huge listing of things to create together with terminate upwards doing alone one-half of them because it is thus lovely simply to wander the streets or relax at the beach.  Another alternative I would recommend is staying a few days inward 1 identify (like Ubud or Canggu) together with the residuum somewhere else (like Seminyak or Legian). So inward terms of where to stay, Bali is huge together with in that location are many to a greater extent than places to explore but these are the primary tourist haunts.

  • Legian: for beach bums, amateur to moderate surfers, marketplace shopping
  • Kuta: clubbing, activities to maintain kids entertained
  • Seminyak: high terminate boutique shopping, ground flat dining together with dark scene
  • Nusa Dua: high terminate luxury resorts, honeymoon spot, white sandy beach
  • Uluwatu: surfing, high terminate luxury resorts, marriage ceremony venues
  • Canggu: surfing, the 'new seminyak' amongst less tourists but is to a greater extent than isolated (the way some similar it)
  • Ubud: arts & cultural centre, markets, yoga, spas & wellness food

Many are also travelling to the Gilli Islands together with Nusa Lembongan to escape the daily grind inward Bali. Again which isle you lot take away depends largely on personal interests. The Gilli Islands are 3 islands off Lombok each amongst a dissimilar focus.

  • Gili Trawangan (Gili T)- largest isle amongst biggest political party scene & the most alternative for accommodation, restaurants, bars etc.
  • Gilli Air - pop amongst honeymooners together with couples, has snorkelling together with scuba diving together with you lot tin meet turtles off the coral reef.
  • Gilli Meno- smallest together with quiestest of the Gili islands, pop amongst honeymooners together with couples.

Nusa Lembongan is a set dorsum isle amongst no fuss relaxation, diving, snorkelling together with surfing- I absolutely loved it.  See my post nigh Nusa Lembongan for to a greater extent than details.

primary street inward Seminyak- Jalan Laksmana aka 'eat street'

beach promenade inward Legian


The easiest expanse to start inward is Jalan Kaya Ayu (confusingly also known every bit Jalan Oberoi or Jalan Laksmana or affectionately every bit 'eat street'). There are many boutiques, restaurants together with hotels on this strip. It finishes amongst seminyak foursquare (a expert landmark to acquire your bearings) at the W end.

Running due north to S closest to the beach is Jalan Petitenget (means coffin inward Indonesian).  On the eastern side of Seminyak is Jalan Raya Seminyak (becomes Jalan Legian in 1 trial you lot hitting Legian) which goes S towards Kuta. Jalan Sunset route also joins to the eastward terminate of Oberoi/eat street together with runs diagonally S eastward towards Kuta.

Jalan Raya Seminyak (becomes Jalan Legian becomes Jalan Kuta) is expert for random shopping. There are lots of unique homewares along this strip together with it's slow to acquire a taxi home. To walk all the way from Seminyak to Kuta or vice versa along this route is around 4.5kms (that's a long walk when you lot are stopping to store or during the oestrus of the day!). The subdivision leading into Luta is alone 1 way thus don't live surprised if the taxis plough inland to acquire dorsum onto primary roads. The bintang supermarket is nigh 1.5kms downward from the Seminyak end- this strip is a expert 1 to walk, a few boutiques along this way too.


In legian, wander Garlic lane, Jalan Padma, Jalan Melasti, Jalan double six, together with live certain to wander downward random side streets together with alleys. Walk/ ride a motorcycle along Jalan Mertanadi inward Kerokoban for unique homewares.

Wherever you lot halt in that location are ever sights to take away in, locals happy for a chat (or a sale usually), intriguing smells together with beauty inward simplicity together with local culture. I loved exploring inward Seminyak together with finding all dissimilar street fine art along the way.

In Kuta, the primary landmarks are Kuta foursquare (where the large Matahari subdivision store is) together with Jalan Legian where in that location is the Bali Bombing Memorial, many shops etc.  There is a also a beach promenade forthwith habitation to a large shopping centre together with developments.

Hotel vs. Villa ?
Hotel or villa is a completely personal preference. Hotels evidently offering many services that a villa may not- activities, restaurants, a concierge together with volition oftentimes include a buffet breakfast.  Villas tin offering a to a greater extent than individual together with secluded opor-garai together with are oftentimes much amend value inward terms of price.  On my concluding trip to Bali (2015) 3 friends together with I hired a 2 bedchamber villa (Villa Dayak).  The villa was really good priced, inward a fairly expert location (inland but close the primary strip betwixt Legian together with Kuta) together with it was absolutely gorgeous.  The housekeeper Yuni was an absolute jewel together with arranged anything nosotros needed.  The villa owners are European together with have got kept the villa inward transcend status since it was construct 2 years ago.  I had taken lots of photos of the villa (it looks just the same every bit this picture) but lost my photographic television receiver camera on the way habitation from Bali!

I did immature adult woman hotel breakfast together with people watching but having all your things nearby together with a individual puddle is the ultimate luxury. We stayed at the Elysian Villas inward 2014 which had the best of both worlds.

When booking villas live careful of scams- in that location are lots of reported cases of deposits existence taken together with never refunded.  Check reviews on tripadvisor together with query your specific Villa.  At Villa Dayak nosotros had to pay a 50% deposit to secure the booking together with pay the other 50% on arrival which is fairly standard.  This is a decent amount of coin to pay to someone you lot have got non met!  My friend had stayed at the villa previously otherwise I was a flake apprehensive to business office amongst the 50% deposit. Usually paying via paypal or booking via airbnb is a safer way to maintain soundless additional fees added inward Republic of Indonesia for paypal payments agency most owners volition non take away them.

Accommodation recommendations 


Where to remain inward Seminyak
  • You either desire to live staying along the beach (between W hotel together with double six) or along Jalan Oberoi to live inward the best location. If you lot remain somewhere farther away it is worth checking if they render a gratis shuttle into Seminyak (many do). 
  • There are lots of well-priced Villas inward Seminyak (which acquire cheaper the farther you lot are away from the primary drag). If you lot have got a grouping of 6 or thus you lot tin acquire some individual villas that are absolutely stunning. In terms of hotels, in that location are also many expert options. Again it depends if you lot prefer beach to pool, buffet breakfast to a la carte together with how far you lot are willing to live from the centre of Seminyak. Hotels tin live really pricey inward this expanse thus maintain an optic out on expedia, agoda etc. There are oftentimes expert specials where you lot tin acquire 50-60% off if you lot bulk inward advance. The best way to create this is set upwards a cost warning using a website/app similar kayak which volition electronic mail you lot when the hotel/flight goes on special.

Seminyak hotels  (key: $= basic $$=mid hit $$$=high end)

  • U Paasha ($)
    • Rooftop puddle looks excellent, except exterior guests tin role the pool/bar thus create it quick to avoid missing a 24-hour interval bed
    • Well priced for the location but non close the beach. There are yoga classes on the roof
    • Jalan Kaya Ayu (aka Jalan Oberoi)
  • The W Hotel ($$$)
    • If you lot tin afford to alive the high life at the W retreat together with thus I advise you lot to splurge- this is the identify to meet together with live seen. All the rich together with trendy tin live works life here.
    • Is habitation to Potato caput beach monastic enjoin together with Starfish Bloo restaurants (+ other cool bars/ restaurants including an Adriano Zumbo afternoon tea).
    • Jalan Petitenget, Seminyak/ Kerokoban
  • Oberoi Hotel ($$$)
    • Good location amongst beach access, correct adjacent to ku de ta together with alone v mins from consume street/ seminyak square
    • Jalan Kaya Ayu
  • The Seminyak ($$$)
    • A friend who stayed inward Bali loved this hotel. Location is fundamental together with the infinity puddle is good placed.
    • Jl. Kayu Aya, Seminyak Beach, Kuta

  • Semara Seminyak ($$$)
    • Good location amongst beach access, closed to Irish Gaelic patato head.
    • Jalan Raya Seminyak, 269, Seminyak.
  • Anantara Seminyak ($$$)
    • Location on the beach across from Gado Gado.
    • Beach is nicer nigh v minutes walk downward towards Legian, tin live a flake of dark sand out the front end of the hotel.
    • Jalan Abimanyu (Dhyana Pura) Semyak.
  • The Legian Seminyak ($$$)
    • On the beach, dandy location inward fundamental seminyak.
    • Jalan Kaya Ayu, Seminyak.
  • The Haven ($/$$)
    • Is inward the S of seminyak, inland close the bintang supermarket. Good value for the facilities. Young crowd. 
    • Jalan Raya Seminyak 500
  • Amadea resort together with villas seminyak ($$)
    • Good location on jakan laksmana, closed to restaurants
    • Jl. Laksmana No. 55, Seminyak,
  • The Elysian Boutique Villa Hotel 
    • My partner together with I stayed at the Elysian inward 2014. The Villa was worth every penny together with if you lot have got never stayed inward a villa it is a lovely experience. 
    • The location is perfect, < v minutes walk from the beach together with 5-10 minutes walk to Seminyak Square/ Jalan Oberoi but inward a prissy placidity area. The villas offered a shuttle at set times during the 24-hour interval together with at other times on a kickoff inward best dressed basis. 
    • There was lots of infinite inward the villa amongst a double 24-hour interval bed yesteryear the individual puddle (bigger than a plunge puddle together with a prissy ledge to sit down on). The pools were non heated but temperature was fine (for Melbournians anyway!) The garden together with surrounds looked lovely at dark together with the staff ever snuck inward together with set all the lighting etc. during the plough downward service. 
    • We got a genuinely expert cost via expedia - maintain your eyes peeled for a create create because this identify genuinely was phenomenal.
    • One drawback of the villas is that they are really shady if you lot similar to sunbathe. We were lucky together with had Sun for 2-3 hours from nigh 11am. The primary puddle is really shady also but it is all business office of the tropical jungle feel. The beach is thus closed it was non a work for us. The alone other negative was that the gym you lot tin access via the ‘Bali Asri’ Villas had equipment that was inward sick repair together with genuinely a flake dangerous. That said it was good equipped inward terms of gratis weights together with is expert plenty for a basic workout if you lot experience the urge when on holiday.
    • The service at the Elysian was in all probability the best we’ve ever had on whatever overseas opor-garai together with I would non hesitate to recommend the villas to anyone. The basic villas also have got 2 daybed/couches inward the living room which tin live made upwards for children which is quite handy.

Other villas
  • Villa Dayak ($)
    • Stunning 2 bedchamber villas ( x 2) inward a expert spot xv mins walk from the beach, xx minutes into Seminyak town together with closed to shops together with the supermarket.  Owner is reliable, service is fantastic together with setting is stunning.
    • Very good priced.
    • Jl. Plawa 17, Seminyak.

  • 'The Villas' Seminyak ($)
    • location is non close the town centre (is closer to bintang supermarket/ bali deli) but really good priced amongst a large individual pool.
    • Friends have got stayed hither together with absolutely loved it, has 2-3 bedchamber options for friends/families. Not every bit modern/ upmarket every bit Villa Dayak.
    • Jalan Kunti 18x Seminyak
  • Pradha VIllas ($$)
    • Near seminyak square/ motel mexicola, brusk walk to the beach.
    • Kayu Jati I No 5, Seminyak
  • Kayana Villas ($$)
    • 24 individual villas, amongst location closer to W hotel, closed to the beach
    • Jalan Raya Petitenget, Kerobokan Kelod
  • Amana Villas ($$)
    • on consume street towards the inland terminate (not close the beach)
    • Jalan Raya Wirasaba (just off consume street)

Kuta & Legian 

  • The Padma (Legian)
    • The best identify unit of measurement hotel inward Legian is the Padma. It is a dandy all rounder mid hit resort amongst a expert gym together with 2 large pools. 
    • Jalan Padma No. 1, Legian

  • Bali Niksoma 
    • The Niksoma is also lovely together with is in all probability amend suited to couples. It is a lilliputian smaller together with to a greater extent than of a boutique hotel.  Prices create seem to have got gone upwards significantly over the concluding few years.
    • Jalan Padma Utara, Legian Kaja
Other hotels inward Legian
  • There are lots of other pop depression to mid hit hotels inward Legian including the Jayakarta, the Melasti, the Bali Mandira. At the southern terminate of Legian where it becomes Kuta you lot volition uncovering the Pullman (modern but uninspiring). 
  • Double Six
    • At the Seminyak terminate of Legian you lot volition uncovering the novel kid on the block- the v star Double Six Luxury Hotel. I would love to sweat this hotel adjacent trip together with have got heard really expert things. It is ideally located closed to both Legian together with Seminyak together with correct on the beach (need to walk a lilliputian way downward to nicer sand).
    • Jl. Pantai Double Six No. 66, Double Six, Seminyak

  • Rama Beach Hotel
    • In Kuta, I have got stayed at Rama Beach Hotel (actually inward Tuban) which was AMAZING but is a flake far away from Kuta foursquare together with non close a especially prissy beach. Up in that location amongst the best hotel pools I've ever been inward though
    • Jl. Jenggala Tuban, Kuta, Kabupaten Badung

  • Ramayana Kuta
    • We also stayed inward the Ramayana inward Kuta on 1 of my kickoff trips to Bali. Good breakfast, decent room together with puddle together with fundamental Kuta location, good priced.

Other tips for your stay


  • ATMS are everywhere together with for those amongst the Commonwealth banking concern in that location are many of their ATMs which alone accuse a $2 fee together with no conversion for withdrawals.
  • Maximum withdrawal is unremarkably 2,5 1000000 IDR (about $250 AUD) together with you lot unremarkably demand to select other options on the ATM to acquire this much out.
  • Tipping at restaurants is to a greater extent than oftentimes than non nigh 10% together with create annotation that a 10% authorities taxation is added to each bill.
  • It is non mandatory but it is expert manners to tip the housekeepers also ($1-2 per 24-hour interval is nigh average)

  • Taxis are genuinely affordable together with a trip from Kuta to Seminyak or vice versa should cost no to a greater extent than than $5-6 AUD. Prices depend on the fourth dimension of day, the driver together with your negotiation skills! 
  • Bluebird taxis are the most reliable together with volition ever pose on the meter (usually works out the cheapest) together with for this argue are ever full. The other taxi companies are less reliable thus create certain you lot concur on the cost earlier you lot create it or create certain they concur to role the meter. 
  • You tin also hire a driver (the guys quest “transport? Transport?” on street corners which tin live cheaper for a longer trip. Many of the streets are 1 way inward the primary areas of Kuta/Legian/Seminyak thus don’t live likewise concerned if drivers role the backstreets inward these areas. 
  • Traffic is genuinely bad downward Jalan Oberoi/ Jalan Legian together with along the Kuta beach front end for the bulk of the 24-hour interval thus oftentimes it tin live quicker to walk (bear inward hear it’s nigh 4.5km from Seminyak to Kuta square), 
  • We have got used a driver called Wisma earlier who was really reliable together with reasonably priced. Ph: 081 3386 00825 (from bali) or electronic mail

Medical assistance
  • BIMC
    • The BIMC has a genuinely expert reputation - it is the international infirmary inward Bali.
    • Jl. By Pass Ngurah Rai No.100X, Kuta,
  • There are lots of guardian branded pharmacies inward seminyak together with kuta (surprisingly hard to uncovering on google!). There are a few on every primary street eg/ 1 on Laksmana, Jalan Legian together with inward Luta on Poppies lane I.

Kerobokan prison

  • Interesting expanse to drive yesteryear together with I have got done a self-walk shopping trip around this expanse out of lonely planet inward the past. This expanse is really isolated together with I would definitely recommend getting a taxi driver to hold off for you lot because it tin live really hard to acquire 1 home. Definitely worth a human face if you lot have got time/ are interested.

Balinese idiosyncrasies/ etiquette

  • There are lots of Balinese idiosynracies together with cultural norms you lot volition come upwards across. It pays to acquire a lilliputian nigh the civilization together with live respectful to locals who are ever to friendly to tourists
  • Naming system
    • Most Balinese have 1 of 4 names based on monastic enjoin of birth, regardless of sex. First born is unremarkably Wayan , 2nd born is Made , 3rd born Nyomen together with quaternary born Ketut.
  • Religion
    • Around lxxx % of Balinese are Hindu, amongst the residuum largely Islamic.
  • Dress
    • Dress modestly, especially if visiting a temple (cover arms together with shoulders together with legs usually). If entering a temple men together with women demand to habiliment a sarong together with temple scarf around the waist.
  • Don't role your left mitt to give/take things.
  • The left mitt is used during toileting, most role H2O instead of can newspaper thus the left mitt is the muddy hand.
  • Don't touching peoples heads/ don't acquire inward temples if menstruating/ don't measurement on offerings on the street / don't role your index finger to betoken or beckon people . Enough Said. 
  • Also live aware that on Nyepi (Balinese novel year) in that location is 24 hours of quiet together with most Balinese create non run together with tourists are expected to remain inward their hotels.
  • Culturally Balinese create non appreciate single couples. If anyone asks if you lot are married tell "yes" or "soon". Public affection is also to a greater extent than oftentimes than non not encouraged every bit most Balinese are really conservative.
  • Balinese believe god should live honoured above- this agency non putting shoes upwards high/ hanging underwear/bathers upwards high inward shower etc. every bit it is disrespectful.

  • If you lot are non inward a fixed cost shop, Balinese volition human face you lot to haggle. Start at roughly 1/4 or 1/3 of what you lot are prepared to pay, together with thus run your way up. If you lot start haggling, it is rude to walk away if the possessor if is giving you lot a fair price. It's also rude to start genuinely depression the reject to leave of absence whatever higher. 
  •  The Balinese believe making a expert kickoff sale for the 24-hour interval volition convey them luck together with may oftentimes create a kickoff sale at a lower cost ("morning price"). Shopkeepers volition also inquire you lot where you lot are staying. Don't tell them you lot are staying inward a v star luxury hotel if you lot desire to acquire a expert cost bargaining!
  • A few tricks to acquire you lot started . . . 
    • "I'm buying two/three/four thus you lot should give me a amend deal" 
    • " nosotros alone paid $$ yesterday " 
    • "I'm staying nearby together with mightiness purchase to a greater extent than if you lot give me a expert price" 
    • "give me your morn price" 
    • An overly dramatic "oh my goodness this is sooooo expensive are you lot joking" also goes a long way
  • At the terminate of the day, a few dollars may non hateful much to you lot but is a lot to most local Balinese thus create a create create that is "good for me expert for you".  The conversations I have got had together with bonds I've shared when bartering are some of my most memorable inward Bali. 

Check out post II for things to do, dining together with nightlife inward Bali.